9 Best Business Ideas For 2020 You Can Start Without Investing Money


That’s right. None.

Starting a business and scaling it requires high End, innovative skills that you need to expertise before you even starting your own business. Also, never get confused between a high paying skill with proper scalable business.

But this guide will help you choose the right path, by the end of this article, to become a millionaire. I can promise you that. However, You need to be passionate about learning these skills and master those.

The guide includes all the best online business ideas you need to know about.

Now, let me break it down for you

9 Business Ideas 2020
We all have this dream of having a multi-million dollar business and a yacht in Positano because we grew up hearing stories that we can only become rich by doing a business. We only read stories of this guy who sold his company for 100 million dollars or this guy who made a billion dollars just in a week. But we don’t hear the stories of other 10,000 people that failed that exact day. We can only learn when we see failures and figure out where it all went wrong. And Having to figure out where it went wrong, itself is a skill.
Choose one. Right this moment.
Why do you want to start a business? Is your goal is to earn better than you do now and live comfortably or to have a multi-million dollar business? I want you to choose one right this moment because I’m about to break it all down for you.

If earning more than now is your choice. How about $10k a month and 120k a year sounds to you? Would that make you help live a comfortable life that you’ve been dreaming of?

If so, invest in yourself to develop one of the skills I’ll be mentioning below that might make about a minimum of 10 grand a month.

If you had a multimillion-dollar company, do you really any of these skills ill be talking about paying you 10k a month? If not, you can master those skills and build yourself a business starting this day with a low rate of failure.

Why having skills are necessary
See it this way.

You need about $1500 to survive a month and your savings are about $6000 right now.

You heard about some crazy guy selling a course which could make you a millionaire in no time for only $900.

You bought the course. You finished it.

You invested the remaining $5100 to build the business and you started to generate revenue of $10k a month with 15% net profit. That’s 1500. Your monthly expense to survive.

Now how are you gonna scale the business, when you keep taking profit for yourself to Pay Bills?

Forget about making a million bucks, when you can’t reinvest the profit, you won’t even make 10k a month net profit, even though the business model has a potential to scale up to a billion dollars.

How did Elon musk become a billionaire? He was a self-taught programmer, who was able to code PayPal all by himself.

How did Mark Zuckerberg become a billionaire? He had enough skills to code entire Facebook.

They all had the skills to develop an unbeatable product first. Then learned enough skills to manage the company, as they go.

My point is, you don’t require a college degree to pursue skills. Your passion to learn and self investing will put you in a hotshot list, eventually.

l will list The 12 best skills you can pursue right now for free or for a very minimal fee and the business you can start with that particular skill.

Here we go.

Copywriting is nothing but salesmanship in print. Persuasion in print. The skills you require crafting an ad, make a sales pitch, build a funnel. You can learn it from YouTube, Skillshare, Udemy or masterclass. It doesn’t matter where you learn but becoming an expert should be your prime motive. Once you master this skill, You can charge businesses, entrepreneurs, anywhere from $200 to $1000 dollars for a sales pitch. When you help other businesses make money, they wouldn’t hesitate to pay you more.

The business you can start with copyrighting
E-commerce is a great business to start when you are good at sales and know the pulse of the audience. If you could keep your audience on the page for a long time with your sales pitch, it could increase your Google rankings as well. You can write persuasive ads that can drive tons of traffic to your website.

2. Programming
Having a few programming skills is essential these days as it connects every business to the internet. Learning high-end machine languages like python, ruby on rails, java and using those in particular fields could make you more than $10k a month. However, the creative side matters here a lot.

The business you can start with programming
The opportunities are endless if you develop something new or existing software better on your own. You can build AI chatbots, develop websites, apps and a million other things. But, new industry-disrupting software could make you millions and millions of dollars in no time.

3. Consulting
Consulting is a skill that you develop over time with years of experience. People who need consultation requires the expert opinion, That’s when you come in and help them to solve the issues they have been having or to guide them to make a profit for their business. Some ways you can do consulting are.

SEO consultation
Financial Consultation
Social Media Consultation
Real Estate
House renovation
Business consultation
The business you can start with Consulting
You can turn this skill into an amazing business and scale it as big as you can. You can start your own financial consultation agency, Social Media Agency, House renovation consultation business. You do not have to move a brick with this model, all you have to do is help people choose the right thing, take the right decision, Plan a certain way.

4. Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is a must-have skill for any business today especially if you are a millennial. You learn to drive traffic to websites, Creating and deliver conversion-focused ads, manage social media accounts. The skills that every business requires surviving on the internet. This skill can easily beat all the other 9 skills and can easily make you 5 figures revenue monthly. After that, You will have enough funds to scale it big

The business you can start with digital Marketing
Once you master the art of Digital Marketing, you can start your own

SEO Agency
Social Media Advertising Agency
E-commerce Development
Search Engine Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Celebrity Social Media Management.
Start your own E-commerce business
In Addition, Id suggest you to look at my Detailed Amazon FBA Blog

The opportunities are endless with this skill as any business needs digital marketing right now.

5. Blogging
Yes, Blogging is a skill only few people can master. But it is still one of the high paying skill in 2020. Setting up a blog, Do SEO, create different strategies to drive traffic to it is also the main business strategy for any business to rank through google. Help other businesses write their blogs, drive traffic to it on a monthly retainer could make you 5 digit income easily.

The business you can start with blogging
Your very own Blogs. Yes, setting up multiple blogs and deliver quality content is still one of the best businesses around. A friend of mine currently makes about $80k a month on his fitness blog. If someone who had no training could do it, you can do it as well. But Master the skill and learn the depths of it before you dive in

6. Creating a YouTube channel
You all probably know it by now, YouTube is currently the most profitable social media for the content creators. Not only managing and creating content is a skill but also a money-making machine. You require skills like editing, filming, writing the script for the video but it’s all worth it at the end.

The business you can do with this skill
Not only youtube but any social media channel, if you want to scale it, you need to focus on growing fast. Become famous and recognizable. Your content should stand out from the other gazillion Influencers. Once you reach that point of so many audiences and constant daily views, anything you do on the channel would become an instant profit. Brand deals, affiliates, selling a product. You name it, you can do it. A good youtube channel with good engagement is worth millions in the long run.

7. Closing
Closing the deal is an art. You need the skill of closing for every other skill. You need to convince people on a blog or a YouTube channel. You need to close people to buy a product with digital marketing campaigns and whatnot. Good communication skills along with this skill could make miracles in a business. I know a real estate guy who is making 6 figures a month currently.

The businesses you can do with closing skills
Real estate, lead generation, customer acquisition. Every business requires a skill to close the deal. And choosing it in the right way could make you a ton of money.

8. UI/UX development
UI/UX has been a demanding skill for so long
And companies are willing to pay you a ton of money to design their products such as software, websites, apps, programs and make them look good. If you could impress them with a final design, each gig can pay you anywhere from 2k to 20k depends on the size of the product.

The business you can start with UI/UX development
When you master the skills and grow your network, you can start your own product design studio. Currently, Germany has the most skillful studios in the world. Top companies like Google, Uber, Airbnb works with those companies because of their creative ability.

9.Real Estate
The good ole real estate is a high-income skill for sure at any given point of time. As the population grows, the real estate grows with it too. People need houses and you need to help them choose the one. Real estate works differently in different countries, but having a license as an agent is common for most of those. The skill of closing plays a crucial factor in here. And the commissions you get from selling a house are huge. I would strongly suggest you work in this industry for at least 5 years before you start your own business.

The business you can start with real estate
Flipping houses, buying houses and renting them out. Airbnb is a nice business now as well. Although, the returns are lower than the above skills. You still own your own assets and your assets would make money for you.

Believe me or not, these are the skills every successful businessman has. Focusing on developing skills would make drastic changes in life in terms of financial and your own personality. You can just jump dive in any of the business without having any skills with a 50-50 chance of failing or you could adopt a skill and master it then you start a business with a very low chance of failure.