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Our company is known as a trustworthy wordpress web design and Development company as our team is well-versed in creating new wordpress based websites and ensuring that each of these is properly maintained.

WordPress Web Designing and Development

Website Design & Load speed are also important factors in online marketing.

A lot of researchers are summing up the WordPress as one of the most convenient solutions for the content management. WordPress includes a huge community of developers around the world who work around the clock to make everything user-friendly, pleasing and attractive. It has a reputation for establishing a lot of people to work on your project throughout the year. There are numerous plugins available out there that will allow you to add different useful functionalities to your website. WordVsMee Services is a WordPress website development and web designing provider, offering you professional services at cost-effective prices, making your investment both worthwhile and cost effective.

WorldVsMee aims to increase the growth of your business by providing a WordPress service that is user-friendly, elegant and beautiful, while also being easy to read and manage. Our wordpress web design services will enhance your business’ growth and give your business a greater advantage over competitors.

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Designing, Development and Customization of WordPress Website

Our company is dedicated to working on your website in wordpress and providing complete wordpress design and development services that we can provide you as a personal as well as business website. During the creation of a basic structure for your wordpress website we are responsible for making sure that it is fully optimized and that all of the technical issues are addressed before the website is published. After the website is printed we will take care of every single detail possible.


We design your website in WordPress starting from a proper exploration of the search engine results pages, and then we analyze the kind of content that is required for your website and of course, we then put all the right pieces together to create an impressive and appealing design. We are committed to being a part of a customer’s digital journey, and we can provide you with any type of website that perfectly fits your requirements, as long as we consider the customer’s needs and his experiences in the process

Flexible PRICING

Our web development process includes incorporating local SEO, setting up a website visitor base, and emphasizing how to convert online traffic into the real ones. It covers all the above mentioned as well as incorporating branding of our customers as well as incorporating local SEO.


We Follow the Latest UX Trends to make your website stand out from your competition and help you achieve rank more in several places

Hire WordPress Designer Team that provides Remarkable WordPress Services

WorldVsMee has a range of noteworthy WordPress development services that include theme WordPress design and development, speed optimization, wordpress plugin customization, and wordpress SEO. We also specialize in offering wordpress email applications and web hosting services. We offer all these things together with third-party integration of tools and important applications such as Facebook.

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In particular, to be precise, our main content management system (CMS) development includes

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WordPress Design And Development Services
– Packages and Plans

Making Quality Web Design Services Accessible and Affordable

WorldVsMee aims to ensure that every WordPress web design it creates is tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients. WorldVsMee makes sure that your website is properly designed and tailored to be viewed and remembered by the viewers in a positive manner. We emphasize understanding first of all your business goals, your target audience, market and then we design a custom website tailored to your needs.This information allows us to structure the perfect web design tailored to your company and it is best suited for your business. As developers and designers of WordPress sites, we want to work with you side by side to create a custom website that is relevant, appealing, and one which will contribute to the growth of your business.

It is now the time for you to check out the WordPress design and development plans and packages that we offer. If you need a custom wordpress development plan to be fully customized for your needs as well as your customers, then you should know by now that we are at your service. Contact us right now!

$ 350


A Basic Website For you to display your services

  • Upto 10 Pages
  • Conversion Optimized
  • Suitable for ~ Small & Local Businesses
$ 600

Advanced DESIGN

Advanced Design + Web Hosting for 1 Year

  • Upto 10 Pages
  • Conversion Optimized
  • Suitable for ~ Small & Local Businesses
  •  Hosting Included for 1 Year
$ 1000


Am Elegant E-commerce Store

  • Custom Design
  • Conversion Optimized
  • Upto 400 Products
  •  Payment Gateway Integration

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WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Do You Mean By The Term ‘WordPress’?

WordPress is a CMS program that is provided as an open source open source project, that’s also a tool that is used for its blog purposes. According to a study conducted a couple of years ago, WordPress is the most widely used and the most famous platform amongst bloggers. It is currently being used by plenty of users all around the world. A simple research shows that if there was a one fifth chance that five million of those top ranking websites would be using WordPress, then you could expect those websites to be using WordPress.

What are the reasons for choosing WordPress for your website?

With WordPress, you will be able to customize your website in your desired style and with the best possible quality. It is really not the same version of WordPress that is a remote-hosted script on a server in an unknown virtual machine, since WordPress can usually be created on an existing server.Most of the configurations and installation processes present in WordPress are pretty easy to use, and in fact, WordPress is quite straightforward in its operations. On top of that, when the requested blog pages in WordPress are generated, they are generated almost immediately, on a single click. As such, it doesn’t matter if a lot of pages are consolidated in your site, they do not clog the space. On top of that, WordPress provides simple interface for changing templates, as they can be done almost instantly. Therefore, nobody can deny the fact that WordPress websites require less upkeep than the ones that are made with other methods. We must admit, WordPress is one of the most user friendly platforms in the entire world. They will also provide a soothing adaptability to online technology that will be developed in the near future. WordPress is known to be the fastest and the most effective way to give an organization or entrepreneur an online presence.

Is it possible to customize my website that was built with WordPress?

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is extremely flexible. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to easily post your blogs, articles, news, tips, recipes, reviews, various links, links to other websites, a selection of photos… the list is endless.Basically, what you can do is to customize the display, to change the look, and to personalize the essence of your website. There are various plugins that are also available that can improve the functionality of your website as well as make it look more attractive to the viewers. The WordPress personalization feature will allow you to integrate your website with the theme which you choose on your own.

Does a person need to understand and be familiar with programming languages like PHP to use WordPress?

Absolutely not! The best thing about WordPress is the fact that even without knowing how to create a simple page you can still do all the stuff you need to do. Nevertheless, in case you are interested in using some of the plugins that are available in WordPress, you will need to comprehend some of the technical aspects of PHP; this is not necessary though.Also, it is important to remember that not all the available plugins are PHP based. Some plugins require some manual work but yes, there are some plugins where the work must be done manually.

If I already have a free WordPress account, can I upgrade to a payed one if I already do have a free account?

There is no doubt that you can increase the number of blog posts you do on the sites that you edit or create. Within your WordPress Dashboard, there is an option for subscribers. You can choose a subscription plan, make the necessary payment and upgrade your free WordPress account to a paid one.

What Are The Functions In WordPress That Can Make It Suitable For Business Use?

Currently, almost everything on the Internet and especially for the internet is built with the help of WordPress, which can assist in everything from simple websites to online portfolios to complex business websites to even personal blogs.WordPress is so flexible that many people depend on the flexibility of its features. Some of the basic features of WordPress, to better understand in a more understandable way, are what follows: Flexibility should be combined with simplicity. The easy way to manage Web publishing operations Web Publishing Tools that can be easily managed Compliance and compatibility between the current browsers and emerging future browsers in addition to the present browsers. For example, we have thousands of available plugins, and an easy way to install them. There are three default themes for WordPress, and thousands of other custom themes that can be used to enhance your WordPress website. Commentary Section that was built into the website by default. Numerous SEO plugins to make it easy for us to optimize our websites The User Management System is rather simple. Management Options for Flexible Media WordPress is available in more than 70 different languages all over the globe. For installations and upgrades, simple techniques are used. The freedom of users to alter and distribute the source code is one of the most fundamental freedoms Support forum and community for WordPress Framework for Building Easy Applications Content types which are both available as defaults as well as customized content types.

Are there any licenses that WordPress holds?

The GNU General Public License is required to use WordPress as a free software. WordPress can be modified and re-distributed freely under the GNU General Public License. It is an open source license, and thus is able to modify and distribute the source code of the site.

Would it be wise for me to also familiarize myself with all the terms associated with WordPress to be able to use WordPress for my website?

No, it is necessary for you to learn the terms associated with WordPress. However, if you are familiar with some important terms associated with it you would be better prepared while utilizing it.With a WordPress glossary, you can easily find out and become familiar with relevant terms that you are unaware of, so it is best if you start here rather than at a later stage.

What does it mean to make use of WordPress templates?

A template is not intended to be formally defined; it simply indicates that a certain part of a particular file is used as the basis of your WordPress website.

How Long Does It Take To Accept The Payment In Case Of WordPress?

WordPress offers a wide range of payment techniques in different ways. You can choose to pay through PayPal account, credit card, or online banking depending on your particular requirement. Once you pick which payment method to use and have selected a particular plan, you will be forwarded to another page.In that site, you can either choose to pay using PayPal or you can input credit card information using the form. After that, if your payment is successful, you will receive a notification regarding that through an email. Once you have verified that your username and password are correct, you may then proceed to log into your WordPress Account.

How Does The Refund Policy For WordPress Work?

WordPress guarantees that it will give its users a full refund within 30 days if they will not like the theme they bought.